Tuttle Inc. got a start in the commercial side of the business in 1983 with a project partnering with a wet pet food manufacturer. 40 years later, we still partner with that same client for almost all their major plant initiatives. Over the years, we have worked with just about every major pet food company on both the wet and the dry products in both the manufacturing and packaging sides of their business. Tuttle has installed and built systems for minor ingredients, blending, mixing, extruding and cooking and have worked with primary packaging formats including cans, bags, pouches, tubs and cups. We have executed turn key projects for everything from custom manufacturing processes to high speed labeling and packaging lines. Many of our Pet food partners consult with us as they are entering the design phase of major initiatives because of our industry experience, even if we may not be involved in that particular initiative. In total, Tuttle has over 500 years of experience in the Pet food industry across all or our departments.